Safety First – Complying with OSHA


We usually see a “Safety First” poster at every front gates of construction sites, factory plants, and even in offices. It is one of the basic rules at every work place that is required by OSHA to always be practiced. The benefits of workplace safety is not for the company and employees should always think of it as one great incentive. To encourage higher productivity of the company, particular factors are necessary just like benefits, proper compensation, and most essentially good working conditions. The greatest asset of a company is its employees and guaranteeing the health and well-being of employees only show that the company really cares for its workers. Doing this brings high morale to the employees and in return increase their productivity.

Workplace safety is the condition of employees to be risk-free and safe from any sort of physical and health harm and unwelcome incidents. Keeping employees safe should always be on top of every company’s priority list. The safety of employees is essential for the reason that having drastically injured or getting disabled from work related accidents will certainly bring about pain and difficulties to you and your family. For this reason companies, large and small, are expected to abide with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Their mission is to protect against work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths by setting and imposing standards, and by offering training, outreach, education and assistance.

An OSHA 10 Manhattan company should maintain a work environment that is without any hazards that are prone to cause death or serious physical injury according to OSHA standards. It follows that if a company sends an employee to work, he must be provided with the proper safety equipment and the work site must be safe. Proper safety equipment or PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) include safety shoes, helmets, safety glasses, gloves, masks, full body harnesses, light visibility vests, and more.

However, onsite OSHA training Manhattan requirements is not limited to providing a safe work environment. The company must also keep records, make reports and posts of any incidents and updates about safety in the work place. If a company does not comply with these standards, it will result to having fines, penalties, and worse, closure. In addition, OSHA also provides workers with their rights to guarantee they have a safe workplace and the right not to work if the job involves subjecting them to imminent danger.

OSHA standards are being continuously updated that is why it is important for anyone who works or manages employees to familiarize themselves with the current standards of OSHA. If you want to know your rights to safety, simply search for any onsite OSHA training Manhattan on the internet. Many companies now require that their employees successfully attend and complete an OSHA training course.


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